Hillary Wants This Video GONE! Here’s How SEVERE Her Email Breach Was! (VIDEO)

This damning video that came out this summer about Hillary Clinton email scandal has been virtually covered up. This is a video of a Congressional hearing where Rep. Jason Chaffetz interviews Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, Charles McCullough on Hillary Clinton emails. If you believed that the Hillary emails were just no big deal conversation between her and friends of colleagues, you are sorely mistaken.

This video proves that the emails contained information on the highest security level and just about any hacker could have accessed the information and sold it. This information is so confidential that members of Congress are not allowed to see the emails of which the hearing is about. YIKES

McCullough: The agency that owns the information on those emails has limited the distribution on those. Characterizing them as originator control, I can’t give them to even Congress without getting the agency’s permission to provide them.

Chaffetz: Which agency?

McCullough: I can’t say that here in an open hearing sir.

Chaffetz: You can’t even tell me which agency won’t allow us as members of Congress to see something that Hillary Clinton allowed somebody without security clearance in a non-protected format to see.

McCullough then explains that this segment of emails are so classified that he had to ‘read-in’ people from his office before they could see them, because his office didn’t possess the security clearance to view them. Chaffetz is beside himself when he discovered that even the Inspector General of ODNI didn’t have the requisite security clearance. WATCH below:

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