Hillary Should Be Heading To Rehab After Her NASTY Secret Addiction Goes On Full Display

Hillary Clinton, loser of the 2016 election for the President of the United States of America, has let some cats out of the bag. A brief excerpt from her book dives into how Mrs. Clinton possibly struggled with the loss to now President, Donald Trump, and she allegedly turned to some vices that could lead to an addiction. Hillary popped bottles of chardonnay and her loved ones suggested she flip a Xanax down the ol’ windchute of her 69-year-old self. Did she turn to pills? We don’t quite know for sure. Hillary suggests the answer is no, but anyone would say that because it’s the responsible answer.

Hillary does admit to drinking a decent amount of wine, but we cannot be sure exactly how much that is. Wine addictions are different for everyone and we’re not exactly sure if Hillary had an actual addiction. You would have to ask her that yourself. Everyone is different, so we will only go by her words that are from an excerpt from her book.

If she started indulging in pills, then she may or may not have an addiction to them. Lots of people get addicted to pills and it’s always a struggle to get them off. It usually requires an intervention. Can you imagine if Hillary Clinton had an intervention? Who would sit around her? Would Monica Lewinsky be invited?

Clinton’s book is titled ‘What Happened’ and that immediately set social media on fire. All of a sudden we had an overload of comedians writing posts about what they think happened and insulting Clinton. She knew people would trash the title of her book, but it was free advertising. She played US, we didn’t play her. Well, we shall see the sales numbers to see who really played who.

Here’s more information about Hillary’s wine consumption, directly from RadarOnline:
In order to cope with her “devastating” presidential election loss to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton confesses she turned to booze, RadarOnline.com can exclusively reveal.

According to an excerpt of the former presidential candidate’s upcoming memoir obtained exclusively by Radar, she indulged in a spiritual practice in the weeks and months after the devastating concession — and white wine!

Oh no! She drank WHITE WINE! Is that racist? I don’t know anymore. If Donald Trump ever drank a white wine, the extreme leftists would call him racist towards red wines. They would call Trump a white supremacist if he drank white wine. Too bad Trump doesn’t imbibe in alcohol, so at I guess the liberals won’t come after him for that. And don’t even act like they wouldn’t! In today’s extremely messed up world, the liberals and far left democrats call everyone racist for everything. It’s the only argument they have.

“It wasn’t all yoga and breathing: I also drank my share of chardonnay,” she admits in new book What Happened, out September 12

I suppose I can’t blame her for spilling some extra spirits. If I was a career politician who just kicked Bernie Sanders out of the election and only had to beat a real estate guy who goes on reality TV shows, but LOST, then I would probably turn the bottle a few times too. As much as people hate Hillary, she sounded OK in the debates, but Trump still put the dagger in her because of a few reasons. 1) He campaigned better. 2) his voters aren’t leftist extremists who intolerantly force an agenda down your throat, and 3) it was time for the GOP and Republicans to take over again. Democrats are for poor people. The reason Democrat cities ALWAYS stay poor is because if Democrats actually did a good job, then there would be no more poor people in their cities. Democrats pander to poor people and then KEEP them poor. If they keep them poor, then they’ll always have voters. You see how that works?

Loved ones even suggested the grandmother of two, 69, pick up prescription pills!
“Friends advised me on the power of Xanax and raved about their amazing therapists,” she says. “But that wasn’t for me. Never has been.”

What kind of twisted people in her family are suggesting she goes on Xanax? You’re supposed to help your family members, but I’m not sure telling a 69-year-old to pop Xanax like she’s a young opiod addict is the answer. I’m sure there’s plenty of non-drug ways to cope with stress or loss, but Xanax is probably a bad idea for anyone. Even though I am not a Hillary Clinton fan, I still don’t think her turning to pills and risking an addiction is the answer. Let’s be sensible here. If Hillary is still hurting from the woes of the election loss, then perhaps she makes a pit stop at a local massage parlor or some acupuncture.

As Radar previously reported, Clinton also admits she struggles with the “boneheaded” blunders she made during her campaign in the book.

One of Hillary Clinton’s biggest reasons for losing the election is that her fans are horrible people. They’re always crying. They’re always forcing some agenda on you. They’re always living with a sense of entitlement for free stuff. Well, maybe that’s mostly the left wing extremists, gender benders, feminists, and radicalized groups like Antifa.

If Hillary had good old fashioned American fans like Trump, then maybe she would’ve had a better chance.

Good thing the real Americans voted for the one and only true winner, Donald Trump!

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