‘Hillary’s Body Double’ Trends After Limp Clinton Spryly Pops Out Of Daughter’s Apartment 40lbs Lighter

Frankly, I don’t know what to make of this. Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist… but, damn! Look at these pictures. It looks to me like Clinton suddenly lost 40 pounds between the time she went into Chelsea’s apartment and then came out of it. And she got younger. And had no security – no Secret Service detail AT ALL. Clinton never, ever goes anywhere without security. Go figure. If I didn’t know better (and I don’t), I’d swear she was using a body double.

I’m telling you what I saw in the videos was not someone who was ‘over-heated’ or who had simple pneumonia. She had multiple seizures. Trust me, I know what a seizure looks like. It was either that or a stroke. She also had a wheelchair capable van waiting. Why would she have that? Hillary looks like she’s on death’s doorstep to me.

From BizPac Review:

After Hillary Clinton collapsed Sunday in New York City and reemerged about an hour and a half later from her daughter’s apartment, conspiracy theorists began to circulate a rumor that they weren’t the same person.

It was hard for some to marry the two images of Clinton, one of her limp body being dragged into an SUV and whisked away from the ceremony and the second of a chipper, spry woman posing for pictures with a child and telling reporters she was “feeling great.”

Here’s a summary of the fun . . .

One popular observation was that Clinton appeared thinner when she left Chelsea’s apartment.

Body doubles are quite common in political circles. Former Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein was notorious for his use of decoys. Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler and even Osama Bin Laden all also used body doubles to keep enemies off of their trail. Now, I’m beginning to wonder if she hasn’t been using a body double on and off since the concussion.

It was 82 degrees in New York when she got over-heated. Now they are claiming that everyone in her entourage is sick. There’s enough bullcrap flying around here to fertilize half the known world. Do you honestly believe that was just some random child outside Chelsea’s building? All of this was staged and now the media and the public have wind of it.

Hillary’s camp is set to release more info. on her health this week. She just cancelled her California fundraising events. Could it be she’s about to drop out and pass the baton to Joe Biden? Stay tuned bat fans.










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