Hillary’s Case Is REOPENED, Now FBI’s Comey Asks For Immunity – Gowdy Says ‘HELL NO’ [VIDEO]

Trey Gowdy has had it with Comey’s bull crap and he’s letting him know all about it. Gowdy is reopening Hillary’s case concerning her email scandal. When Comey asked for immunity last week, Gowdy smacked him with a “Hell No!!” response. It was epic and vintage Gowdy. You just gotta love the guy when he lets loose and really gets going on corruption. There is no one like Trey Gowdy.

All of this went down last week during the House Judiciary hearing entitled, Oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Gowdy grilled Comey within an inch of his miserable life. In fact, in the end, Comey admitted there was far more than enough evidence to convict Clinton. That won’t look good if Comey is brought up on charges. Please, please, please do that!!!

“What concerns me Director is when you have five immunity agreements and no prosecution… when you are allowing witnesses who happen to be lawyers sit in on an interview. That is not the FBI that I used to work with,” Gowdy said to Comey on Wednesday. I more than agree on that point. The FBI gave out immunity like it was freaking candy to people who were deeply entangled in corruption. Comey needs to go down for this.

From TruthFeed:

Here we go again, but this time it could be the end for both Hillary Clinton and FBI Director James Comey.

As you’re about to see below James Comey, the current FBI director that let Hillary off the hook for her CLEAR violation of many laws with her email scandal, has now asked for immunity from congress for his involvement in the scandal and the subsequent findings. What what!? Immunity?

That’s right. What Comey is asking for is to be absolved of what he’s done and anything that may happen in the future from any further investigations. How does that not throw up the biggest red flag in American history?!

Well it did to Trey Gowdy and he just ripped Comey a new one and is about to do everything in his power to stop that immunity from happening!

And it gets even better. Breitbart is now reporting that Comey has received virtually millions of dollars from a Clinton Foundation defense contractor, Comey’s former membership on a Clinton Foundation corporate partner’s board and his evident financial relationship with his brother Peter Comey, who works at the law firm that does the Clinton Foundation’s taxes. Looks like corruption runs in the Comey family.

Comey is part of Obama’s cabinet, so I wish I could say I’m surprised over all this. He’s also evidently Hillary Clinton’s lap dog. I’ll bet you she promised him he would not be prosecuted. She can’t guarantee that and if he is, watch her throw him off the cliff to save her own hide.

I also hope that Gowdy follows through here and charges Comey over this. You really have to be sporting a set to ask for immunity after lying for everyone else. Here’s a shout out to Martha Stewart who Comey took down for far less than this… I’m sure she’s hoping to see him get his fair share of jail time.

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