Hillary’s Handler Carries DIAZEPAM Pen For Patients Who Experience Recurrent Seizures!

At a recent Hillary Clinton event supposed secret service agents ran to the stage to protect the oh so delicate Democratic presidential nominee. But not everything seems as it appears. The African-American man who rushed to Hillary’s side is dressed like a secret service agent but others hypothesize he’s someone else.

Hillary Clinton froze during a Union Hall rally when protesters began shouting during her speech. A large group of men rushed to protect her. The one man by her side though remains very close to her and then pats her on the shoulder and says, “keep talking.”

A secret service expert told reporters that secret service agents are expressly forbidden from touching candidates. Especially Hillary Clinton. It appears he may be a close staff member whose highly trusted but not secret service. Her handler also carries a diazepam pen.


Those pens are used for acute seizures. They’re specifically prescribed for those who have recurring seizures over an extended period of time.

He was seen carrying it the night of the Democratic National Convention.


Here is what some social media followers have posted to Twitter.



This could very well mean that our future President potentially has a seizure disorder that she is covering up. Unless the pen belongs to the staffer. But in that case why wouldn’t the campaign just say that to dispel any rumors?

President Bartlett of the infamous ‘The West Wing’ television series suffered from a slowly debilitating form of multiple sclerosis that he hid from the American public during his first time in office. He was eventually able to win his second term but people didn’t trust him the same way again. But this is reality and not television. A seizure disorder would mean Hillary Clinton is not fit to complete and carry through with the very job she’s running for.

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