Hillary’s Hitching A Ride With Obama On Air Force One To Campaign Event; Trump Asks… Who’s Paying?

If you want to know what a Hillary Clinton Presidency would look like, just look at how much money she’s wasted during her campaign.

The Presidential candidate, who makes more money from a single speech than the average household earns in a year, took a ride with Obama on Air Force One to a campaign event in North Carolina.

So whose footing the bill? Her opponent – who funds his own air travel – posed the question.

So to answer the question, those travel expenses are split between the candidate’s party, and the taxpayers.

According to BizPacReview:

Not only must the candidate reimburse the government, but so must those traveling with him, including security personnel, but it’s far less than the over $200,000 per hour actual operating costs of flying Air Force One.

For the most part, both Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush stayed away from using Air Force One for electioneering purposes. President Obama isn’t quite so shy, however, and used the official aircraft heavily when campaigning for his own re-election.

The only good part of this story I can find is that at least Democrats are stuck footing half of the bill.

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