During Hillary’s Nomination Speech, Obama Did This 119 Times, Did You Catch It? WATCH!

The Internet has been abuzz over President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention this week in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When giving his speech Hillary Clinton came out on stage and they embraced while waving to the crowd. But it’s not their encounter that we have noticed. Instead, a video recording of his entire speech shows him referring to himself 119 times!

Look and click below to hear Obama take the opportunity of his endorsement of Hillary to talk a lot about himself.

This narcissism isn’t anything new. He’s known to show a very self-centered side to himself. In his speech on gun control in January of this year he referenced himself 76 times in a half-hour speech. In October 2015 after a mass shooting he talked about himself 28 times in a twelve minute speech.

In India in January of last year he talked about himself a staggering 118 times in a half-hour speech. He defeated himself at the Democratic National Convention by one. Apparently narcissism and ego-centrism is something that isn’t new to him.

He also went on to talk about his failed Obamacare policy, the treasonous Iran nuclear arms deal, reducing foreign oil dependence of the United States and killing Osama Bin Laden. All in an effort to affirm his own version of his legacy. Unfortunately his fantasies don’t really mesh too well with reality.

It’s unfortunate because if he spent that time trying to implement policy that was actually effective instead of talking about himself and how great his failed policies are he would have gotten real change effected by now. But commence sense seems to be a foreign concept in the Democratic Party.

After all, what better proof of that delusion is there then Bernie Sanders supporters who are enraged by the DNC leaks. As if it’s somehow shocking that a Democrat would lie.

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