Hillary’s Open Border Policies: Migrants Turn Paris Streets Into Muslim Ghetto’s (VIDEO)

Hillary and Obama want to open the American borders and make America look like this.

Is that what we want in America? Do we want this country to turn into a massive tent city? Have you seen all the the crime and wreckage the migrants have caused in France and Germany? They’re gang raping women and tearing up the streets. It’s like watching the Black Lives Matter thugs destroy Ferguson.

And why are these migrants running away from their home? Why aren’t they suiting up to fight and defend their country and land? We have troops in America protecting us, so where’s their military? What happened?

Here’s another video of the migrants invading Paris and ruining a once beautiful city.

Some people have given the migrants free food and meals, yet migrants have complained that it’s not enough. Sorry, if your free handout isn’t enough. What are you doing there in the first place? If I went to Paris and begged for food, got myself a meal, and said it wasn’t enough – people would kick me up and down the street.

RT – The number of asylum seekers in the camp jumped from “2,000 people to 3,000 people and more, in two days, with the closure of Calais,” Heloise Mary, from the bureau of migration, told BFMTV.

Minister of Housing Emmanuelle Cosse, however, dismissed rumors that Calais migrants were moving into Paris, in a statement to AFP. “There is no influx of [refugees from] Calais to Paris,” she said.

The area near Stalingrad metro is ‘familiar’ to asylum-seekers. It has been a place for their temporary stay since winter 2016. Authorities relocated the majority of refugees living near the station back in September and bulldozed the makeshift camp. Between 400 and 2,000 asylum seekers were registered in the camp at different periods of the year.

Welcome to Hillary’s America. If she wins, this is what might happen.

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