Now that Rex Tillerson has taken over as Secretary of State he is settling into his offices. This also entails completely revamping the State Department. Reports indicate he has already purged his staff by firing a plethora of different people. The New York Post reported that even staffers from the deputy Secretary of State for management and resources are being asked to leave.

At the end of January, four high-profile staff members at the top were let go. This occurred during a G-20 trip that the new Secretary of State took to Germany at the beginning of his ascension to the position. As his staff was being put into place, many changes were on the horizon.

State Department spokesperson RC Hammond told CBS the following about the entire situation,

As part of the transition from one administration to the next, we continue to build out our team. The State Department is supported by a very talented group of individuals, both Republicans and Democrats.”

Clearly, the President and his cabinet nominees are taking the “drain the swamp” motto very seriously. Otherwise, they would not be letting career public servants go. Perhaps this will reign in a new era, whichever way it may lean, as it could lead to a new and more prosperous direction for our national security.

It is unknown if other cabinet officials are doing the same and letting handfuls of staffers go. The mainstream liberal media has not reported on it thus far. However, it certainly remains a real possibility. Who could blame them?

The President set the example for his nominees by letting go close to five hundred White House staffers who ended up leaving once his administration took place. He certainly could not get anything done with Democratic plants trying to hinder him every step of the way.

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