Quite Possibly Hillary’s WORST News YET…

Hillary had a pretty bad September, even most of her most die-hard supporters will concede that point.

She’s had massive coughing attacks that interrupted campaign speeches and one of her very rare press conferences on her new campaign plane.

Then there was her infamous collapse at a 9-11 memorial event which had even the pro-Hillary press asking questions regarding her health. Of course, her staff quickly covered up for her and announced that she had pneumonia. Hillary attempted to garner sympathy by saying that she thought she could “power through” it.

A Quinnipiac poll taken on Sept. 26th noted that 73% of likely voters believe that Trump is healthy enough to be president. Contrast that with 58% of voters who believe that Hillary is healthy enough. It’s certainly not looking good for the serial liar in that respect.

A McClatchy-Marist poll saw only 36% of voters believing that Hillary is “honest and trustworthy.” Trump comes in almost 10 points higher at 44%.

Just when the Hillary campaign thought the bad news was waning, polls are showing that Trump is becoming more & more competitive in the electoral college count. States are coming into play that most pundits believed never would, for Republicans at least. Some general election polls also show the electorate is favoring Trump over Hillary.

The USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times “Daybreak” poll tracks 3000 voters everyday, up until the election. It should be noted that the L.A. Times IS a liberal rag. You’d think they’d try & skew their poll in favor of their candidate, but apparently they’re involved with an experiment that involves telling the truth for once. Here’s how their “honest” poll worked out.


A major liberal rag is showing that over 47% of voters are planning to vote for Trump compared to about 41% for Hillary. That trend has been continuous since about mid-September.

The funny thing? It’s not showing any signs of changing course despite what some say was a very bad 1st debate for Trump.

On an aside, having run for office myself, (governor of California, and U.S. House), been the chairman of a state political party, and advised on many campaigns, I do have some thoughts about Trump’s debate performance, but I’ll keep them to myself. He’s completely changed the political landscape with his brand of campaigning & strategy for winning. I would tell him to study up like mother f-cker for the final two debates, but it wouldn’t matter. His people are the ones who have his ear, and they’ve done well with his “pivot” this month, getting him to stay on topic and to use teleprompters, etc. Trump will listen to them as he did earlier, and he’ll come back as he always has. He’s in it to win it. The pundits have been saying “It’s the end for Trump!” since he began campaigning… and they’ve been proven wrong time & time again.

With that out of the way, here’s the REALLY bad news that Hillary & her campaign didn’t want to hear.

Trump is gaining in battleground states.

Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor for Allen West, noted the following:

“Trump is now leading or competitive in many key battleground states — including the bellwether Ohio. So alarmed is the left by this that The New York Times has suddenly determined that Ohio is no longer a bellwether state — an about-face from just earlier this month.

Whereas Trump started the month with what many considered was no path to an electoral win, he is widely acknowledged to have one now. And speaking of the electoral map, here’s the latest from RealClearPolitics.

And while you can slice and dice and analyze this any number of ways, there is one key takeaway — just three words — that should have the Hillary camp panicked. Minnesota in play — right down there in the “Toss up” column. Quite possibly her most disturbing news yet.”


Obama beat Mitt Romney by 7.7% in Minnesota in 2012. Just prior to Monday’s debate, a Breitbart/Gravis poll had Trump and Hillary TIED in Minnesota.

Minnesota has a large population of Muslim refugees, and the state just saw it’s first major terror attack with 9 people being stabbed at a mall in St. Cloud. That could explain why Trump is doing so well in the liberal state.

Many are saying Trump’s debate performance will set his poll numbers back in battleground states. While true, and post-debate polls show Hillary getting a slight bounce, Trump can’t be ruled out. Given his track record, he will most likely win the election.

The billionaire candidate has defied the odds time & time again throughout the election season. He is Much more determined to win than Hillary is, AND he has 1000 times the stamina coughing Hillary does.

Remember, Hillary has outspent Trump almost 10-to-1 on TV ads. What has it gotten her? Effectively, Nothing. Hillary has massively outspent Trump on television ads in Florida. So much so that the uber-liberal NY Times took note that her campaign is worried about her lack of traction in the state.

Hillary has spent over $20 million on ads in Florida. Trump has spent less than $2 million. For all of the money the Democratic nominee has spent in the state, the Real Clear Politics average of all polls shows her with a mere 1 point lead over Trump in the Sunshine State.

It’s the primaries all over again. Trump was massively outspent, yet still DESTROYED his 16 opponents to clinch the nomination.

Hillary doesn’t get it.

Trump is going to pull something out of his hat that could see him win this election in a landslide. Maybe he’ll dump $200 million of his own money into his campaign at the last minute. Maybe he’ll do an ad blitz in battleground states like he did near the end of the primaries. Maybe he’ll follow his campaign manager’s advice, again. Or maybe he’ll just make something up.

Whatever he does, it’ll come at shrieking Hillary’s campaign sideways. And it’ll stun the nation when he destroys the establishment (This time the Democratic one) once again.

Get ready for President Trump. The man honestly doesn’t know how to lose. He knows how to win. Hillary’s going to find out the hard way just like 16 other candidates did.

Rock on, Mr. T.

By Jeff Rainforth
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Jeff was the national rally organizer to free Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi from the Mexican prison, chairman emeritus of Ross Perot’s Reform Party of California, and a former candidate for governor. Jeff is editor-in-chief at Freedom Daily. He wrote for former Hollywood talent agent & Breitbart contributor, Pat Dollard, and headed up his 30 person research team. Mr. Rainforth also wrote for the Wayne Dupree Show. Jeff is single & says he is not gay.

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