Hispanic Men BRUTALLY Assault Female Trump Supporter In Her Yard, Steal Her Trump Sign, Then Post VIDEO Online!

This is just criminally wrong. A group of Hispanic young men drove around Lemoore, CA stealing Trump/Pence signs from people’s yards. One white woman confronted them and tried to stop them from taking her sign. They beat the crap out of her in her own front yard. I haven’t seen this in the media anywhere.

I have seen literally hundreds of Trump supporters go through this. People have a right to support whomever they want in this country. I wonder if these guys were illegal immigrants? Just sayin’. They were stupid enough to record their crime spree and put it on the web. I hope the police track them down and they are charged over all this. I’m sure the woman they beat on will be more than happy to press charges.

From Gateway Pundit:

So this happened…

A group of Hispanics drove around their city to steal Trump signs.

One young woman resisted their thievery so they beat her in her front yard.

Obama’s America.

Of course, this will never make any headlines.

Hundreds of Trump supporters have been assaulted this year and thousands have lost their Trump signs (including me).
They corrupt media will NEVER report on this violence.

These stories never seem to make the headlines. Just as Trump properties being vandalized by Black Lives Matter never do. That’s not exactly what I would call fair and unbiased reporting. All you ever hear about are violent people that follow Trump. It seems to me there are far more on Hillary’s side that are radically violent. Just ask those who lived through the Charlotte riots recently.

This is yet another disgusting example of radical, racist goons bullying others because they don’t support their Marxist candidate. Daily, I see signs stolen, torched or ripped to shreds in people’s yards. That is private property and the police ought to treat these as serious crimes. A white woman being beaten in her front yard by these asshats is a hate crime. It should be treated as such.

You have a right to protect yourself and your property. This happened in California where they are stripping citizens of their gun rights. Stunts like this are a great way to get shot and I wouldn’t blame the sign owner for doing it. Beating a defenseless woman shows what scum these guys truly are. They thought it was funny… apparently the two people in the car are Angel Mendoza and Rolando Vega. Their Twitter names are mendozaangel682 & ExplicitRo. They should be arrested immediately for this.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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