Hispanic Teens Invade Home: Marine Blew Holes In More Than Their Plans


From Mad World: Four punks made the mistake of trying to break into the home of a law-abiding citizen, who happened to own a firearm for self defense. An 18-year-old, two 16-year-olds, and a 15-year-old decided to invade the home of a former Marine at 1:45 in the morning in Hewitt, Texas. What they probably didn’t expect was that the homeowner would have a firearm to protect himself, and he’d blow holes in more than just their thieving plans.

Eric Walters

According to reports, a couple of the teens knocked on the door of the Marine’s home. Homeowner, Eric Walters, answered the door, thinking someone might need help, but he was ‘carrying’ just in case. He now admits he probably shouldn’t have answered the door given what followed.

One of the Hispanic teens ran around the corner towards the front door with a firearm, prompting the homeowner to slam the door and fire all six rounds into the center of the door, effectively blowing holes in the teens’ robbery plans. Walters grabbed his child and got his wife, retreating to a second loaded gun in the hall.

“He was coming quick and it was the only thing that I could do — I didn’t even have time to pull and draw on him — I had to hit him with the door and fire as I moved to cover,” Walters said. “It was just (snaps twice) it was just that fast.”

Once the teens realized the homeowner had the cojones to protect himself, they fled the scene. All four have been caught in part thanks to an inmate at the McLennan County Jail. Clearly, news travels fast in Texas. However, due to their ages, only the name of the 18-year-old suspect has been released — Chris Barrientos.

The incident that unfolded blows the gun control argument wide open. What are the odds the handgun the teenager had was actually legal? Do you think he passed a background check or had ‘permission’ to carry that firearm? Highly doubtful. Do you think the punk actually purchased his firearm from an official FFL dealer? Nope. This is further proof gun control laws don’t work.

What would have happened if the homeowner, Eric Walters, didn’t have a firearm to protect himself? Aside from being robbed, could he have ended up in the morgue? This is why law-abiding citizens protect themselves. Gun control laws don’t stop criminal punks, even those who are underage. All they do is put barriers into place for law-abiding citizens like Walters, who only want to protect themselves.


Police are saying the attempted home invasion was random, which should be even more concerning for people and not just in Hewitt, Texas. Ridiculous crimes like this happen every day across the country. Criminals don’t care who they are targeting and don’t often know. They simply want to take something that doesn’t belong to them, so they go for it.

This is why Americans demand their fundamental right to self-defense. This is why Americans own firearms. Eric Walters is a law-abiding citizen who was protecting himself. Walters had to go through all the red tape and hoops required to own a firearm.

“It is up to yourselves to defend yourselves, to get training.” Walters said. “Invest in a piece, invest in going and getting educated with it, spend some range time, and have a plan of action… communicate with your family.”

The criminal teens in this story also had a firearm, but they didn’t waste time with any legalities of gun control, they simply got a firearm illegally. How again does gun control work to stop criminals? How many cases are there where a law-abiding citizen didn’t have a firearm to protect themselves but their criminal attacker did?

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