Hispanic Veteran UNLOADS on Illegal Aliens Attacking Police Officers, Issues BRUTAL 8-Word Warning That Makes Them RUN

A Hispanic Veteran unleashed a verbal tirade against the illegal aliens who were mouthing off to police officers. The pro-Trump veteran remained calm and used his voice as his weapon. His counterparts? Not so much. They were triggered, becoming physically enraged, forcing the police to step in and create a human barrier between the clashing parties.

The illegal aliens, besides breaking the law, were yelling at the cops and wondering why the pro-Trumpers were allowed to protest.

That’s funny they mentioned it. For starters, their protest didn’t involve breaking things, rioting, stealing, or attacking people. It was actually a peaceful protest, something that leftists don’t know about unless it comes from homosexuals. The only peaceful protests you ever see are the gay and transgender crowd having dance parties. At least they’re having a good time while they spread their cheeks message.

Watch this old-timer dismantle the young fools with his little voice projector. These folks are super mad and they’re getting so easily triggered.

They forget that EVERYONE is allowed to protest, not just the leftists.

LANGUAGE ALERT! Illegal alien protesters want the pro-Trump protesters shut down…How crazy is that? They obviously don’t understand that ALL Americns have freedom of speech. We say deport them!

Here’s some advice, lady in pink. If you’re an illegal alien, then maybe you should lay low.

I don’t believe it’s a good idea to be out in public complaining about pro-Trumpers. Protesters are annoying, no matter what their cause is. The people who are worse than protesters are the people who protest protesters.

Don’t you people have something else to do? Work? School? Family? Friends? Green cards?

I can’t find time in my day to get anything done, let alone go stand around outside and yell at old people because of whom they voted for.

Protesters need hobbies and hugs, because they are seriously deranged people with no ability to function in normal society.

Trump won. Get deported. End of story.

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