HISTORIC BLACK CHURCH: Endorses Trump Says “Supporting Hillary Is Like Being With An Abusive Ex-Spouse”

After all her pandering and embarrassing claim on hot sauce, Hillary still doesn’t get it.

No one likes liars. Except of course…other liars.

Here’s a group of people that are supporting Trump, because they just can’t trust Hillary. They believe she has a proven record of being a liar and out right shady with her fellow Americans, and they say…that should be PLENTY enough reason not to vote for her.

So they plan to vote Trump. They are a religious group called The Historic Antioch Road to Glory International Ministries. This weekend that is exactly where Trump is heading for a visit to speak. They couldn’t be more excited.

The church leaders said on CNN that “Supporting Hillary Clinton for President is like being with an abusive ex-spouse”

Sadly but expected, since the church has come out in support of Donald Trump, there has been some backlash. However, that is not going to stop the from speaking what they believe to be true.

Antioch’s pastor, Thomas Rodgers, believes the it’s extremely important for Blacks to vote Trump come November. He believes that Hillary is dangerous and like many of us, knows that the woman is 100% ‘unfit’ to lead this country.

Rodgers is calling on other Black Americans to look at the truth. The sad truth being that it is in fact, the Democratic Party that made Blacks reliant on government handouts.

He couldn’t be any truer.

The Democratic party has been waging war against Blacks, since the first democratic President, Andrew Jackson took office. He, himself owned slaves, and was an absolute terror to them. It was the Democratic party that was the party of slavery and in fact, their voters were the cotton farmers.

Since this time, nothing has changed. Nothing,

So why is there in influx of Black Americans under the impression that Republicans are bad and voting Democrat is going to free their symbolic chains that keep them from reaching their potential?

Well, it’s simple.

That’s what the Left wants them to believe.

The Democrats have changed their methods BUT not their purpose. Division, to claim superiority and gain riches, status, and glory.

There method is no longer whips, chains, and physical abuse, to get Black Americans to do what they want them to do.


Now it’s handouts, sympathy, and pandering that they use to get them to do and believe what they need them to, and somehow over time through this disgusting method of brainwashing they have bred many Americans to embrace the ‘stupid’ and not care about the facts…

Thank goodness there are people like Thomas Rodgers and his congregation that know how important finding the truth is, and have the courage to share it, even to those unwilling at first, to listen.

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