HOA President “Tired Of Seeing Flags”… Outraged Residents Respond With Legendary Move


(Conservative Tribune) It seems that no matter where you go in America these days, there is always someone trying to destroy our way of life. Most recently, the president of a homeowners association tried to force residents of one community to remove the American flag from their homes.

Lyn Steinbergen, president of the HOA for a small condominium community called Chestnut Place in Murray, Utah, claimed flags are only supposed to be displayed on holidays, and fined Erin Worthen $75 for flying her American flag, according to Fox News.

“All exterior decorations must be removed within 10 days following the holiday … Please remove your flag from the common area,” the fine notice stated.

“Flags are flown on holiday events,” Lyn Steinberger told KSTU. “All we’re trying to regulate is when they go up and why they go down.”

Steinberger has since resigned from the HOA, but residents have requested a special HOA board meeting to vote other members off of the board.

In fact, Worthen said “a few of the residents” planned to nominate her to replace Steinberger as HOA president.

Worthen said she’s upset with the HOA. Her father and grandfathers all served in the U.S. Navy, she said, and flying the flag was her way of honoring them.

“It means to me that the men and women who serve our country do a job that I know that I could not do,” she said. “It’s just my way of saying thank you to them and honoring their sacrifice that they do every day — day in and day out — and not just on holidays.”

Worthen also said that a majority of the 60 homes involved in the community support her. Residents turned out Thursday at an HOA board meeting to vent their feelings, but the board canceled its meeting at the last minute — ostensibly because one member failed to show up.

The homeowners thought the meeting was canceled to avoid hearing their complaints.

“I have a legal right to fly my American flag and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it,” Worthen told board members.

According to KSTU, the homeowners are considering hiring a lawyer to fight the flag ban.

Too many people are trying to force Americans to stop being proud of America. Thankfully, there are millions of people like Worthen who will fight back.

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