WARNING: Holiday Words Now Being Banned, Too “Offensive” To Say In Public

Who’s the group of losers who complained about a billion year old holiday tradition? Who’s the weakling who found holiday words offensive, even though they were taught as kids that words don’t hurt?

It’s that time of year when the politically correct police tell you to stop saying “Christmas” and start saying “holiday” and to that, I do not listen.

Arrest me if you want, political correctness police, but I simply don’t care about your feelings. I don’t complain when people celebrate other holidays, so why should you complain about what I celebrate? Get a life.

What’s even worse than this? The political correctness has traveled beyond the plain red Starbucks cups and illegal holiday words.


The mostly democratic town of Bloomington, Indiana, now condemns the use of other holiday words. Their mental insanity has ruined Columbus day, which is now called “Fall holiday” and Good Friday is now called the “Spring Holiday.”

Well, for starters, Christopher Columbus was a fraud anyway. You can’t “discover” something that already exists and is filled with people. He just murdered a ton of Indians, then tried to claim America as it’s own. If there was ever a refugee problem, then white Europeans sure set the standard for it, but at least we have America. No one alive today was around during that nonsense, so don’t give me any crap for it. I wasn’t there and neither were you.

If Obama really really bans “Christmas” words to prevent Muslims from being offended, then he’s a d*ck. What about the American troops fighting for America, who are mostly American and celebrate Christmas?

What’s wrong with Good Friday? Some people celebrate, some don’t, but if that’s the reason we have off work, then so be it.

This nonsense where we pander to everyone’s gender identity specific minority holiday is getting lame.

It’s a real shame that companies have to do these things to save a few customers. I for one don’t care what they do. I still shop where I shop. If Starbucks wants to make their cup a plain color, or remove the word “Christmas” so that a feminist, lesbian, pan-gender who does not identify with Christmas can feel safe in their zone – then good for them. I’ll still buy your overpriced coffee because I LIKE IT.

No little amount of censorship is going to stop me from saying my words, or buying things I like, but I will giggle at the leftists who complain about these things.

Censorship of holiday words isn’t offensive to me, but the liberals complaining about it usually are.


ConservativePostDaily – Companies, desperate to hold on to business, avoid saying things such as “Merry Christmas.” It is no longer acceptable to have pictures of Santa Clause or Christmas trees in public. In order to gain conformity and inclusion, we are being forced to wipe out cultural identity and religion.

Political correct fanatics would have you believe that their goal is to include everyone. The impossibility of this is lost on them. Their attempts end in the majorities being the ones who are discriminated against.

The largely Democratic town of Bloomington, Indiana has decided that two holiday names are far too exclusive and need to be changed.

Under the guise of diversity and respecting different cultures, Columbus Day has been changed to “Fall Holiday” and Good Friday has been changed to “Spring Holiday.” The mayor, John Hamilton has told reporters, the new holiday names will “better reflect cultural sensitivity in the workplace.


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