Hollywood Badass Rob Schneider Just Threw Every Liberal Under The Bus With BRUTAL Announcement That’ll Shut Them Up

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce to you, a rare Hollywood celebrity who was born with a working, logical, intelligent brain.

The one and only, Rob Schneider.

He just roasted every democrat on the planet and liberals are losing their minds faster than a black hole sucks in every ounce of your existence. If this was a real awards show, then you would witness standing ovations for at least 39 minutes as Democrats sit down. Pelosi rolls her eyes to the back of her plastic face. Maxine Waters throws her James Brown wig in the air and passes out. Hillary Clinton burns a pantsuit. Bernie Sanders Tweets something about taking care of poor people from one of his three houses. The list goes on.

It’s all thanks to ONE Tweet Rob posted.

If you haven’t noticed by now, then let me fill you in on a little secret.

Democrats like being victims. They find every excuse to complain about things and blame everyone for their problems. They’re weak people who like being trampled on so they have an excuse to scream and protest, even though NO ONE listens to protests.

Rob Schneider raises a good point when he reminds democrats that it’s not the Russians, it’s THEM. Russia is just another scapegoat for democrats to blame their weak losses on. What comes next when democrats are tired of blaming Russians?

Does anyone remember the election of 2016? How many Russians came here and forced voters to select Trump at the polls? Pretty sure that number remains zero. Russians didn’t make anyone vote for Trump. The lack of acceptable democrat candidates, the annoying liberals crying over everything, and the democrat party as a whole are the reason people don’t vote for them.

There’s literally nothing to like about the dingy democrats. If you want to remain a victim where everything offends you, then become a liberal. See how many votes your party gets at the next election.

The numbers will continue sinking until democrats take a look at the man in the mirror and make a change for the rest of their life.

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