Hollywood Has-Been Jane Fonda Just ATTACKED Donald Trump In A HORRIFIC Way, SHE IS DONE! [WATCH HERE]

Actress Jane Fonda made an appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher” to give her unqualified thoughts on Donald Trump’s presidency. Fonda is a controversial figure, owing mostly to her activism during the Vietnam War, where she met with American prisoners-of-war and said they weren’t being tortured, posed with anti-aircraft weaponry, and for all intents and purposes, gave aid and legitimacy to the enemy. Many felt she had committed treason, and veterans, especially, never fully forgave her. Not that it mattered — Fonda refused to truly apologize for what she did.

So when Fonda begins to get involved in politics, it’s safe to say that you can expect some crazy, anti-American babble. This interview was no different.

Throughout the interview with Maher, Fonda repeatedly refused to address Trump by his name. Instead, she referred to him as the “predator-in-chief”. And strangely, she accused him of spreading fake news. “The ‘predator-in-chief’ and his fake news, their tactic is to divide and conquer,” she claimed.

She also praised Meryl Streep’s much-criticized speech at the Golden Globes, and defended the “need” for celebrities to speak out. She had been told for the past 50 years to “shut up”, she complained… and never addressed why people didn’t want to hear her talk about politics, of course. But according to Fonda, it was “because I was celebrity”. “But what celebrities can do is that they can bring attention to things that wouldn’t normally get attention,” she argued.

What do you think about Jane Fonda’s interview?

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