HOLY CRAP! LOOK How Much Trump DOMINATED Americas Heartland in Popular Vote!


Despite the media’s portrayal of Clinton’s win of the popular vote it appears Trump won in 3,084 of the countries 3,141 counties giving him a 7.5 million popular vote victory. Fifty five point seven million cast their ballots for Trump in those same counties. That is out of 109.3 million Americans in total.

The other 5.4 million were for other candidates. Trump won a 306 to 232 electoral college landslide against Hillary Clinton. His landslide in the popular vote was a 7 point victor in the 3,084 counties. Giving him a 51 to 44 percent win.


While Clinton had a large 8.2 million margin across 52 coastal counties. The five county equivalent cities stretched all the way from San Diego to Seattle. It spanned from the West Coast, to Northern Virginia and Boston on the East Coast. It included Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. As well as Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

In the 52 elite coastal counties Clinton got 70 percent of the 18.4 million votes that were counted. While Trump got only 25 percent in these same counties. The other five percent went to third parties.

Clinton won by large margins in elite coastal counties like Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia largely because they are filled with federal government workers and contractors who she appeals to.

But aside from the elite counties Trump dominated in the heartland counties. He continuously was ahead by a 7 point margin which accounted for all of the 85.6 percent of the cast votes.

Trump also barely campaigned in the elite coastal counties on the West and East Coast. He only campaigned hard in Northern Virginia and Philadelphia. Which served him well considering he won Pennsylvania in the electoral college and popular vote.

In all reality he did what was right in the sense that he did not waste his time in counties and areas where he knew he could not get a strong turnout simply because of the demographics. Instead he went to the areas that candidates in the past had ignored and was able to ignore their support. The heartland of America not just the elite upper class.

Overall, Clinton got 47.7 of the popular vote and Trump got 47.2 with the remaining going to third party candidates. In total, 127.7 votes were cast all across the nation. Showing that once again the mainstream liberal media wants to ignore the level of success that he achieved.