HOLY CRAP! Look What Trump Just Did For 2000 Veterans — Obama NEVER Did This! #Winning

HOLY CRAP! Look What Trump Just Did For 2000 Veterans — Obama NEVER Did This! #Winning

Our current Commander-in-Chief is vastly different from the former in many ways, especially when it comes to our military veterans. They are finally getting the respect they deserve after being forgotten for eight years under Barack Obama, with the unprecedented thing President Trump just did for them that’s never been done before.

Since Trump took office, he’s created more jobs in just weeks than Obama ever did in his two terms in office, but now it just got a lot better. While liberals ignore the thousands of veterans that could use our help and demanding that “refugees are welcome here,” our president was the first to prove that the priority is on the wrong people and put it back where it belongs.

Trump has been meeting with big businesses to create more jobs for Americans and business and employment have been booming because of it. His most recent negotiation with IBM is perhaps the most important arrangement he’s made yet as the company plans on opening 20 new P-TECH schools in the U.S. and has agreed to train and hire 2,000 military veterans with it, Axios reported.

IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty serves on Trump’s advisory board and is now as committed to veterans as our Commander-in-Chief who encourages it. What makes this an even more winning move is that it’s sure to ruffle liberal feathers who would have preferred to see these jobs go to immigrants, especially since the computer company was previously known to hire workers with H1b visas.

This is excellent news for our nation who will be putting veterans back to work who couldn’t get employment under Obama after serving our country. There’s no greater way to show patriotism than to respect those who serve and protect us. Trump just proved he’s a true American which is a refreshing sight to see in the White House.

h/t: [Breitbart]

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