HOLY CRAP! Trump Just Created Another AWESOME New Holiday That’s A HUGE ‘GET LOST’ To Obama!

HOLY CRAP! Trump Just Created Another AWESOME New Holiday That’s A HUGE ‘F YOU’ To Obama!

President Trump has wasted not time getting down to business the second he was sworn into office. Among signing executive orders he also got right on creating a new national holiday that definitely won’t sit well with Barack Obama. This is as awesome as it gets and why we’re lucky to have him as a leader.

We already saw our country change for the better after Trump was elected and got right to work with what he was able to do as the President-elect, but now that he’s officially sworn in, we’re seeing big changes right off the bat. Our patriotic leader wants America to be America again after Barack Obama tried to make it a Muslim nation, and now the White House press secretary has just announced a new holiday that will be added to the calendar soon and we couldn’t be more proud.

Biz Pac Review reports that Trump has decided to create a National Day of Patriotism and all that has to be done now is to pick the perfect date for it.

“Shortly after taking office as the 45th U.S. president, Trump signed a series of documents on the Senate floor establishing his new administration,” the Associated Press reported. “Among the president’s first acts was signing a proclamation for a national day of patriotism, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer revealed on Twitter.” Although no further specifics about this day were given, Spicer repeatedly emphasized that the reason for it was to “make America great again.”

It’s up for Congress to make it official now as only they have the power to create federal holidays — presidents only have the authority to declare one-time holidays. It’s incredible to have a president who loves this country and makes good on his promises. His slogan wasn’t just words, like Obama’s “hope and change,” Trump is actually putting pen to paper to make it happen!

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