HOLY CRAP! Trump Just Dropped HUGE Bomb On Congressional Black Caucus And Royally Pissed Them Off!

The Congressional Black Caucus made headlines when a reporter asked the President about meeting with them at a recent press conference. In the past they have done nothing but disparage the President so it should not be considered strange that he is not going out of his way to reach out. The question itself was in fact loaded because the President had already reached out.

The President has stated in the past he would love to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus and that he is open to it. However, the President made Rep. Elijah Cummings look like a fool when he proved them all wrong.

The President did in fact reach out to the Congressional Black Caucus. He reached out to Rep. Cummings just a few weeks ago. But Cummings cancelled on the President and blamed it on his staff for not providing him the message and the correct contact information.

President Trump has formally invited the entire Congressional Black Caucus to have a meeting with him personally.”

Of course Cummings denied the allegations. He said the President outright lied about it. A new meeting is scheduled for after Congress is back in session. Part of the President’s policies include refurbishing the inner cities and helping out in historically under privileged communities. He is in fact working on an executive order that would help to do just that.

Two graduates of Howard University, a historically black college, are in the group working on the order. Thus, the implication that the President is ignoring Congressional members of color is a complete and outright lie. Yet another narrative to push to make it seem as though he is a racist. He is doing everything in his power to help those who are less fortunate and minorities usually take up a large chunk of that population.


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