HOLY SH*T! After Trump Slams GM For Taking US Jobs To Mexico, Here’s What They Just Did With 1 Billion Dollars

Donald Trump has kept good on his promise to try and get corporations to invest more money into the United States. Companies like Tesla and IBM have already promised to manufacture and build factories in the United States. It is because the president elect met with these companies that they are doing this, it is no coincidence.

Now, this past Tuesday General Motors Co. has announced they will be investing an extra $1 billion in the United States. They had been criticized by Trump and his administration for producing and manufacturing their cars in Mexico. Despite being an American company.

This is an additional investment on top of the $2.9 billion they had already promised for the year of 2016. General Motors released a press statement on the matter. Because of their actions they will be forced to add an additional 7,000 jobs. This is over a period of a few years. Details will be announced throughout the year.

They will also start the process of shifting there axle production for there next generation full size pickup trucks. Operations will chance from Mexico to Michigan. In itself this will create 450 new jobs. General Motors Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra said the following in a statement,

As the U.S. manufacturing base increases its competitiveness, we are able to further increase our investment, resulting in more jobs for America and better results for our owners. The U.S. is our home market and we are committed to growth that is good for our employees, dealers, and suppliers and supports our continued effort to drive shareholder value.”

This is part of an,

increased focus on overall efficiency over the last four years.”

This is in light of the Trump administration putting pressure on American corporations manufacturing in Mexico as well as other overseas locations. He even threatened a big border tax of the automaker models made in Mexico.


It is very clear this administration will be all about the American people.


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