Home Depot CEO Just Risked His Career To Do This For Trump, Gives Libs Harsh Pill To Swallow

As President Trump keeps on with keeping his promises and absolutely defying expectations, it’s becoming very hopeful that he will be able to push through legislative changes that are also against the odds like he has been.

In fact, Ken Langone told CNBC if he pulls that off he could go down as “one of our greatest presidents ever”. Would you agree with that statement and reason for it?

Now, Langone is a Republican supporter who just so happens to also be the billionaire co-founder of Home Depot who said the Trump presidency offers the GOP a very special moment in time to deliver on the reasons Americans voted for a political outsider to be our president… ESPECIALLY since we control the House and the Senate.

Langone said what we all know….we as voters are “FED UP”, and because we are so fed up it showed in the results of the election, we pulled off a very dramatic result…as a push to get some sense put back into Washington D.C.

Langone also sent out a warning to Republicans that they could lose their majorities in the House and the Senate if they did, in fact, FAIL to take advantage of this very special opportunity that has fallen in their laps for the good of America. It is a Trump-created opportunity, and he is asking if the GOP is going to take advantage of this opening.

“We own the next 25 years as a nation [if we act].”
“If you guys don’t get your guys into a room and say ‘Guys this is our moment.’ The American people will throw you out too, the next time,” he warned House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy who also appeared as a guest Monday on “Squawk Box.”

“[Trump] has the capacity to go down as one of our greatest presidents ever” if he’s able to bring about big changes in health care, tax cuts and $1 trillion of infrastructure upgrades, Langone said.”

“The American people elected him president, in my mind, for one reason: they don’t want incremental change. They want major change,” said Langone, founder and CEO of investment bank Invemed Associates, specializing in health-care and high-technology companies.”

This guy is very intelligent, he has hit everything right on the head here.

Asking the GOP to think far ahead of the moment and act accordingly is a piece of advice that could mean the difference between good or evil taking over this nation.

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