Here’s The 5.3 Million Dollar Home That American Tax Payers Financed For The Obama Crime Family

What legacy is Obama going to leave behind?

The only one I see is one of disaster. We have a record low labor force participation rate, record high poverty and rates of government dependency, a threat greater than Al-Qaeda that has taken over a large chunk of the middle east (ISIS), skyrocketing healthcare costs, and countless other problems.

And we “only” had to rack up the national debt to an astounding $20 trillion for all that! What a deal.

Even as Obama leaves the White House, he’s still leaving taxpayers on the hook. To be honest, I don’t really want to be funding a going away present for the man, even if I am glad that his time int he White House is over.

And how much is it going to cost you? As Popsugar reported, the Obamas will be trading in the white house for a $5.3 million mansion! Here are some pictures of the luxury estate.

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The home was sold in 2014 for $5,295,000 and has 9 beds and 8.5 bathrooms, according to the McFadden group. It has 8,200 square feet and was built in 1928. Here’s a video tour of the estate:

On second thought, as long as he’s not in the White House, I don’t mind where the guy is living.

You know, I’d be able to afford a home like that one day if the man didn’t tax the living hell out of me while he was in office!

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