Homeless Trump Supporter Takes Up Guard Duty For Trump’s Hollywood Star! And PISSES Off LIBERALS With This Message!


On Wednesday morning, Trump’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame was vandalized for a second time. Earlier this year someone defaced it with a swastika, and this time someone smashed it with a hammer, destroying it entirely.

A man who identified himself as Jamie Otis said he’s responsible for the damage. He says he wanted to auction it off to raise funds for the 11 women accusing the presidential candidate of groping them. Trump has denied the groping allegations – and it’s unclear how exactly he thought this act of vandalism would be a profitable endeavor anyway.

It’s been a nasty election. The Hillary camp has sent paid agitators to Trump rallies to try to cause violence, and you don’t have to look far through Google’s search results to see video of the violence in action. The media tried to pretend that Trump supporters were somehow responsible for the violence at Trump rallies – that they were exclusively the victims of.

The only act of anti-Trump violence that the media accurately reported on this election was the firebombing of a GOP headquarters in North Carolina.

In regards to the aforementioned destroyed Hollywood star, there’s finally someone stepping up to defend it. And it isn’t a member of the State – it’s a homeless Trump supporter.

As TMN reported:

A homeless Donald Trump supporter has taken up guard duty for Mr. Trump’s star on Hollywood Boulevard after a psychotic man vandalized it with a sledgehammer and pick yesterday. The woman sat down right next to Trump’s star with some very graphic signs supporting Donald Trump.

Take a look:

There is also video of the woman guarding the star:

Good for her.

The joke will be on the vandals when Donald Trump wins the Presidency in under two weeks.