Homeless Veterans Get Eviction Notices From Shelter, Make Way For Muslim Migrants!

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From Mad World:  Homeless veterans, fathers, and the elderly have resided in a meek shelter for the last 20 years, humbly sustaining themselves on little to nothing. However, what was written on a note leftists pinned to the door has the second-class citizens about to do their “liberal duty.”

Germany has already opened its borders and benefits to over 1 million asylum seekers in 2015, but the number is expected to soar even higher under Chancellor Angela Merkel’s progressive policies. Now that the hordes of migrants are getting their fill of taxpayer funds and Western women, they’ve turned their sights on another defenseless demographic.

German newspaper Deutsche Welle brings us the stomach-churning story of a brotherhood of homeless civilians, many of whom live in fear each day that the refugees will sabotage their last resort. Their concerns are legitimate, since politicians and the property owner of their shelter are preparing to force them to “give up a piece of their pie” so the invading illegals can have more.

Homeless Germans at the Moabit Guest House in Berlin have been informed that they will soon be kicked out of the shelter to make room for the never-ending flood of asylum seekers. A letter, dated January 31, was pinned to the ground floor hallway by district councilman Stephan von Dassel, graciously assuring the inhabitants that they can stay a little longer.

“We are firmly convinced that you can continue to live legally in the Berlichingenstrasse,” von Dassel wrote. “You moved in there legally and with the knowledge of the owner and you have always paid your living costs via the district authority punctually and in full.”

Homeless In Tears When Liberals Tell Them What They'll Be Doing For Refugees

“Ha! That makes me happy,” an elderly man excitedly said. But the homeless residents know it won’t last. The letter is merely a reminder that the home’s owner, Martin Kleiner, has terminated the contract with the property manager in order to gain double the pay from a federal firm if he houses migrants.

“It’s all just greed,” the old man muttered, before saying he didn’t want to be named and then pocketing the letter so he could make his own copy.

Berlin pays $25.11 per day to property managers who house a homeless citizen, but they’ll shell out $55.80 per day for each refugee. Hotels and property owners are quickly moving out Germans for the much more profitable migrants, causing many unfortunates to literally be left out in the cold.

Kleiner swears that greed has nothing to do with the decision, alleging that after 20 years of housing residents, he suddenly cannot afford them.

“For us it is financially impossible to put one person in one room,” Kleiner said. “We offered to make large rooms into two small rooms, and would leave two floors for all the current inhabitants for the same price. At first von Dassel seemed amenable to that, but now he seems to have changed his strategy. We have put in writing that we will do all we can to not force out the current tenants. That is not in our interests.”

Homeless In Tears When Liberals Tell Them What They'll Be Doing For Refugees

Councilman von Dassel denies that anyone attempted to find a way to continue housing the homeless, adding that property owners are chomping at the bit to take advantage of the 50-euros-per-refugee rate.

“You just show up, say, ‘hello, I’m a hostel,’ and if you’re lucky you get the money,” said von Dassel.

Leftists are more concerned with foreign invaders whom they cannot even prove are actual refugees than the men and women who’ve fought for their rights, the elderly who’ve established successful businesses, and the taxpayers who’ve funded their bottomless agenda. It’s not enough that many have given up their security, freedom of speech, and taxes to these migrants, but now it’s the homeless civilians’ turn to pay.

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