SHOCK: Homeless Woman Defending Trump Walk of Fame Star Assaulted By Hillary THUGS! (VIDEO)

The tolerant left proves how loving they are by bullying, harassing, and finally attacking a homeless woman because she doesn’t support Hillary Clinton.

That’s right, the TOLERANT AND LOVING LEFT became violent again. It’s like lefties always bring the fight to the party. From the riots in Ferguson, violence at Trump rallies, and now a group of loser douches gang up on a homeless person. Wow, really tolerant aren’t ya!

Breitbart – In the videos, men can be seen shouting and cursing at the woman before taking things from her cart. One man accuses the woman of “spewing hate.”

“You spewed hate and you got hate,” one man tells the woman as she lies on the ground, with bystanders ripping up her signs. “You got exactly what you were dishing out. I told you. I warned you.”

A group of people continues to stand around while some consider calling paramedics. Another woman eventually asks the homeless woman if she needs some water.

Call us crazy, but I’m pretty sure you don’t see much violence coming from the right wingers unless it’s a hockey game and someone gets their teeth smashed in during a fight.

The liberals, democrats, leftists in general have all become the worst batch of Americans you can find.

They’re idiots.

They can’t figure out their gender.

They talk about love and beat up a bum.

They talk about freedom of speech and choice of candidates, but they don’t respect anyone who supports Trump.

They steal Trump signs and brag about it on social media, too stupid to remember that they’ve just recorded evidence of them stealing, which is a crime if anyone forgot. Self-recorded videos of yourself stealing are always great in court.

How many people steal Hillary Clinton signs? None, really. Want to know why?


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