Honduran Woman Births Zika Anchor Baby in USA. Guess The Price Tag…

We all know that illegal immigrants impose a huge fiscal cost on our country – and that’s compounded when they have children. The children of illegal immigrants born in America automatically become citizens, and are eligible for a plethora of benefits at the taxpayer’s expense.

A Honduran woman recently gave birth to a baby with the Zika virus in the US – and you won’t believe the tab we’re on the hook for. Louder With Crowder reports:

In an interview with Fox News Latino, the young mother explained that her initial symptoms were ‘underestimated’ by medical doctors in her native land. She decided to see another doctor in the Central American nation, but then decided to seek treatment in the US and possibly entered the country on a tourist visa 33 days ago.

Since the baby girl was born in New Jersey, she will automatically become a US citizen. It’s unclear if the mother has insurance or who is paying for hospital costs. According to the CDC, the estimated lifetime cost to treat a baby born with this condition that will require long-term care ranges from $1 million to $10 million.

The truth is, this family is Honduras’ business. Not ours. Heartless? Perhaps. Still not wrong. Do we wish we could help everyone regardless of nationality? The politically correct way to answer is: yes. Except this is a PC-Free Zone. Here’s the deal, bleeding heart leftists: we don’t have endless resources. America is not in the business of giving away free stuff to anyone, much less someone who’s not American. I know this comes as a blistering surprise to you Bernie Sanders mooches. But methinks many things come as a surprise to you rubes.

As one of the commenters on Crowder’s article points out, birthright citizenship was created so the children of slaves would become citizens. When it’s used today to abuse our welfare state, perhaps it’s time to reconsider.


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