HOOD RATS: Pregnant Woman Attacked By Thugs “F*ck your baby!” (VIDEO)

I guess that Black Life Didn’t Matter!

From Mad World: A disturbing video is going viral after a group of women were captured fighting on the streets of Camden, New Jersey. However, the conflict quickly raised alarms for viewers when one of the women involved is heard screaming two devastating words.

The upsetting video depicts a group of women who obviously had a disagreement with one another, but the actual cause still remains unclear. However, it’s not the fight itself that is unsettling, but rather what one woman dressed in black is heard screaming as she was being beaten by several different women.

As so many onlookers stood idly by, it should have been instinct for someone to jump in and stop the nonsense. Of course, we don’t know if the woman did anything to provoke the beating, but when she was heard frantically screaming, “My baby!” someone should have done something.

No pregnant woman deserves for her unborn child to be harmed, regardless of what stupid mistakes she’s made.

Unfortunately, the video continues as the pregnant woman is seen trying to protect herself with something that looks like a cane. The crazed group of women seem unhindered by the news of her pregnancy, and one woman can even be heard responding, “F*ck your baby!”

Ghetto Trash Fight Goes Too Far When Woman Screams Two Devastating Words

To make matters even worse, the pregnant woman’s cries are ignored by onlookers and mocked by her assailants. Sadly, the clip ends before police arrive – if they ever were called. For this particular group of attackers, it would seem that black lives don’t matter if they are still in the womb.

Our world has quickly grown to be a disgusting place. If it’s become acceptable for a pregnant woman to get beaten, I think it’s safe to say we’ve lost our humanity. The pregnant woman, her attackers, and every single one of the bystanders who decided not to step in are all at fault if anything happens to the unborn baby. Whatever this ghetto trash group has their panties up in a bunch over, it’s not worth it, and it’s absolutely disgusting to risk the well-being of an innocent child over some ghetto argument

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