Horde Of Muslims Attack White Woman, Husband Makes Them INSTANTLY Regret It

Eight Muslim A-HOLES attacked a woman and her husband in Australia and the outcome was not what you would expect.

These eight idiots picked the wrong couple to fight with. They made a huge mistake when they attacked the wife of a retired Iraq war veteran.

Kyle Tyrrell, who is 48 years old, was able to fight off all eight of the violent Muslim attackers and haul himself and his wife Liana to safety.

I bet the fight went something like this.

I’m sure the war vet didn’t pull up in on rice rocket, but I bet he laid a few good shots into everyone who came near him or his wife when the Muslims attacked. Good job! You should always protect yourself.

This is a great feel good story, almost as good as when protesters get ran over!


Daily Mail – Kyle Tyrrell, 48, had an altercation with fishermen on Victoria’s Surf Coast a year ago while standing up for his wife Liana.

Mr Tyrrell claimed that Liana was punched in the face at the Cosy Corner beach, in Torquay, after one of the men put a crab pot in the water and she told him the area was a marine sanctuary and fishing was banned.

In the fight that took place on Sunday, January 24, 2016, Mr Tyrrell suffered minor injuries, while at least one of the fishermen was taken to hospital. No charges were laid.

The retired lieutenant-colonel claimed that the attack was racially and culturally motivated after his wife was called a white sl** and a white w***e by the men.

However criticism that he has received about the incident on Facebook persuaded him to set the record straight on the incident. He confirmed that the men were Muslim and said he would ‘do it again in a heartbeat’.

The incident where eight Muslim men were beat up by a retired war veteran is proof that you don’t ever know who you’re messing with.

It’s also more evidence that the radical Muslims out there have no regard for human life, treat women like trash, and simply have no intention on acting civiliy.

It’s like they’re a barbaric stone age cult who magically appeared on the planet.

Was there a Back To The Future movie with Muslims, because this is what it feels like every time the bad people of that Islam religion commit a shady crime like this.

I know there’s good Muslims out there and I really wish you would speak against the radicals causing you to catch a bad reputation.

Every race and religion has their bad apples, except it seems like the Muslims are coming in bad batches.

What cracks me up most about this story is that it was over the sanctuary of crabs and fish. You would think the Muslims would appreciate the sanctuary status considering how many of them are refugees running from their own homeland, committing crimes in democratic cities, and not being deported because they’re in a sanctuary city.

How appreciative they are.

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