From Mad World News: A recent video has raised quite a bit of controversy lately after a group of Muslims were caught on tape both verbally and physically abusing “filthy Christians” in Europe. As reported by the Gates of Vienna, the video has been translated into English allowing American viewers to see just how vulgar these Muslims were.

The incident reportedly started after a Lebanese Christian woman in Denmark was confronted by a group of Muslims after having seen her wearing a crucifix around her neck. From there, the situation turned violent as the woman was forced to flee and seek shelter elsewhere.

As she recalls in a later interview:

Then he tells me, ‘Do you think I’m looking at you, f***ing ugly whore? See what you are wearing, bitch?’ And then he sees my crucifix and says, ‘You are wearing a crucifix. That also makes you a Christian f***ing whore.’ Then he says, You know what we do to persons like you? You get stoned!’

After making her way to her car, one man reportedly placed his foot on the hood of her vehicle in an effort to stop her from leaving. Thinking quickly and knowing just how dangerous the incident could have become, she pushed her way through the group and made her way to safety.

As she drove away, one of the Muslims even went so far as to hurl a beer bottle at her vehicle as well.

Amidst the interview, several other Christians share accounts of run-ins they’ve had with those belonging to the religion of peace as well. As another woman describes, being called “infidels” and “dirty Christians” and being told “you should be stoned to death” is only a portion of the harassment she’s endured.

 Horrific Shock Video: "Peaceful" Muslims Attack "Filthy" Christians


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