Horrifying Moment Mob Of 40 Thugs Attack A White California Highway Patrolman

Racial tensions are at an all time. And this recent incident of four thugs attacking a California Highway Patrolman perfectly shows it. The mob attacked the patrolman when he tried shutting down a highway sideshow. Simply put, he was just doing his job. The incident took place in Southwest, Fresno California near North and Orange Avenues around 3:40pm

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The forty people deliberately blocked traffic and it quickly turned into a sideshow that caused reckless driving and car burnouts unfortunately. The crowd of thugs turned on the police when they asked them to break up and stop. They shouted things such as,

“F*** the police, n****. We run the streets, motherf*****.'”

Videos spread like wildfire on the internet of protestors kicking police cars while police officers were inside. Absolutely disgusting. Fresno Police Lt. Mindy Casto said that police were simply trying to open up the sideshow created by the protestors with their police cruisers.
Casto noted the police cruisers had really hard hits to the window that almost shattered the glass. This happened more than once. The online videos were posted by reporter Stanley Roberts with KRON 4. The videos explicitly show numerous cars attempting to rev their engines and race. Officers were not named and tried speaking to protestors before getting back in their car.
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The several damaged windows caused $12,000 in damage. While law enforcement has noted that suspects have been correctly identified no arrests of yet have been made. Which means these animals are out there roaming the streets. Assault and vandalism are some of the felony charges these protestors possibly face because of their actions.

Casto said,

“I cant really speculate what the crowds intent was, but what they did do absolutely was attack a vehicle with an officer inside of it.”

Lock them up! It boggles my mind how people sincerely believe this type of behavior fixes things. All it does is cause more hatred and resentment between the law enforcement and Black American community.

If they are really interested in fixing issues that effect everyone one would think they would go the peaceful route. Instead they take the violent one which simply tells people that they are violent and aggressive people. The United States does not negotiate with terrorists and that is what they are. They are attempting to hold America hostage with these ludicrous protests. Which is a nice name for what they are really doing. I.e. breaking the law and rioting.

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