THIS IS HORRIFYING: Sex-Abuse Victim Reveals What’s Happened In “Transgender Bathroom” (VIDEO(

The transgender bathroom issue has reached a fever pitch lately, with many big name brands coming out in support of inclusive bathrooms. However, these sex-abuse victims want America to know just how dangerous this idea really is.

In an 11-minute video released on Monday, victims of sexual abuse spoke out against the danger of inclusive bathrooms, saying that they give predators new access to potential victims.

Janine Simmons, a victim of sexual abuse, only began telling her story a few months ago, but could no longer remain silent when laws were being changed that would help predators abuse women and children.

“There are so many kids out there that pedophiles, they’re just looking for a chance. It is an addiction like no other,” she stated. “And yet, we’ve just created a law that makes it easier for them to access their victims. I have no doubt that the person who abused me would have been more than willing to use that as access as well. No doubt.”

So many liberals have argued that you wouldn’t be able to tell if someone who was transgender was using the restroom because sometimes they dress and act like the opposite sex, while other times they just identify with the opposite sex without physically changing their appearance. However, Kaeley Triller, a woman who was abused from the time she was a toddler, says that this is actually one of the main problems.

Triller pointed to an incident in Washington state, in which a man who made no attempt to present himself as a woman entered a women’s locker room and began changing in front of a girls swim team.

“He presented as a male, he didn’t look like a female, he didn’t even pretend to look like he was a female,” she said. “But he went in there, and they asked him to leave, and he said he had a right to be there, and nobody could prove that he didn’t.”

That is the problem with these inclusive bathroom laws. They give predators an “out” if they are ever caught in the bathroom of the opposite sex as their birth gender. It lets them get off by just saying that they are transgender and should be allowed inside.

Autumn Bennett was opened-minded, but understands that this is the real issue.

“If you look and appear to me like a woman, and you come into the bathroom, I’m not going to question that. I don’t — use the bathroom of your choice,” Bennett said. “My biggest issue was the law is so ambiguous, that anybody can go in there. My brother can walk into a women’s room, the business can’t ask him to leave if he just claims to identify as a woman or doesn’t even bother saying anything at all.”

The video also featured a transgender woman — and you will be shocked to hear what she has to say at about the nine-minute mark. Check out the full video below:

This debate is a hot topic, but what is at the center of it is the safety of women and children who are more often the victims of sexual abuse. We cannot give predators more opportunity to sexually assault their victims.
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