HORROR! Black Teens Pummel Ice Cream Truck Driver – Beat Him With Bat (VIDEO)

Young African-American boys were caught on camera beating the life out of an ice cream truck driver with a baseball bat. After they decided they were finished beating the poor driver they beat out his windows. The glass shattered all over the place.

Watch below.


A witness used Facebook Live to record the incident and turned it over to the police. It happened at Bella Vista Apartments in Squire Court near Memohis, Tennessee. Now the man is unable to make a living for himself.

Police came in the evening when the victim called the police about suspects who came through the passenger side door of his car. They opened the door and jumped in. The car crashed and another suspect joined the attack.

The victim said,

“I need justice because I didn’t do anything to them. Like five people jumped on me, take my money, and beat me for no reason. I can’t move these arms. This one is broken, and this one is hardly, I can’t lift it. They pulled me out of the truck and said, “give me the money, give me the money, give me the money.” They beat me until I fell on the floor.”

The suspects stole cash from the victims wallet. He was transported to a local hospital to get treatment for his injuries. The video shows a bystander walk by and not help the victim. Another women can be seen attempting to stop the attackers but does nothing to help the victim. What kind of world do we live in where an injured man in need of help is ignored??

Unfortunately, the victim is struggling to make ends meet because he can no longer drive the truck do to his injuries and he’s an immigrant from Africa. He’s away from his family with little to his name.

What kind of savage animals would do this good human being trying to make a living?

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