HORROR IN MINNEAPOLIS! Somali Refugee in U.S. for Only 3 Months RAPES American Woman on a Bus!

How big is the piece of sh*t that will rape a woman in the back of a moving bus?

It’s the exact size of a Somali refugee!

The disgusting accused rapist looks like a transgender version of Barkhad Abdi from the Tom Hanks boat movie. You know, that guy who was only paid $65k for a $55 million movie. Regardless, our Somali refugee rapist kinda looks like that guy, but isn’t half as cool. In fact, he’s the complete opposite of cool and he’s exactly why Americans don’t care about refugees and don’t want them in our country.

I don’t want the refugees in America. We have enough problems in America that we don’t have time to harvest rapists from other countries. We have our homeless, our criminals, and everything else to worry about. There’s just not enough time to give a flying f*ck about some degenerate A-hole who rapes people in the back of a bus like he’s in some b-rated adult scene on late night Cinemax.

Sorry, but him and his friends can kindly be deported and if they rot homeless or get bathed in acid by ISIS, then too bad.

You don’t invade America and rape women in the back of a bus and think it’s OK.

Take your rape d*ck and GTFO.

Also, thank you Obama, Hillary, liberal asshats, and dummy democrats. This girl got raped because of you.

Take your brainless body to Somalia with the rest of the criminal refugees. You want to help refugees, then go to their neighborhood and help them there.


KTSP – A Minneapolis man has been charged after a woman said he raped her in the back of a bus.

Officers were called to the University of Minnesota–Crookston on Friday, Dec. 9, on a report of an assault on a Jefferson Lines bus.

Police arrived at the scene as the bus started leaving but stopped the bus. Four people were on the bus, not including the driver, according to the criminal complaint: a man near the front of the bus, a man in the middle of the bus and a woman and her daughter. The man in the middle of the bus identified himself as 22-year-old Mohamed Harir Ayanle of Minneapolis.

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