Hot Bikini Model With Gigantic BUTT Stuns Internet With Shocking New Look

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Andressa Urach is no stranger to the spotlight, making quite a name for herself by showing off her unusual assets. After having disappeared from the scene for a short period of time, she’s reemerged with a shocking new change in her image, getting a lot of  attention on social media with her altered appearance, along with what she is seen doing in the recent photos.

Addicted to attention, Urach has used her body to gain worldwide notoriety for all the wrong reasons. What she lacked on the inside, she more than tried to make up for with what she looked like on the outside, through her exaggerated curves that she wasn’t afraid to show off. Just when the Internet thought they had seen every part of Urach, she recently showed them much more, after a short sabbatical from her scandalous antics.

The former Miss BumBum in Brazil has a new calling in life that nobody saw coming. Living a life of public nudity and selling her body for fame and fortune, Urach said was all a result of having been possessed by evil spirits. She traded in her pasties for a pair of khaki’s and a polo shirt, as she travels throughout her country preaching God’s word.

Bikini Model With Gigantic Butt Stuns Internet With Shocking New Look

Urach fulfilling her new calling

After almost dying from botched bum fillers that essentially “rotted” in her body and caused a terrifying infection, Urach said she had an awakening about her purpose in life. Realizing that she was suffering internal torment for having sold her body as the result of sexual abuse as a child, the escort-turned-evangelist told the Daily Mail that she begged God for a second chance.

Bikini Model With Gigantic Butt Stuns Internet With Shocking New Look

Urach after botched plastic surgery

“None of my money could help me then. I knew that my soul was condemned to hell. I begged God to forgive me, I wanted to have another chance to do things differently,” she said. Empowering her with His grace, God restored this woman, who has now made it her life mission to share that message with others suffering from the grip Satan has on their lives. Urach now spends her days speaking to female inmates throughout Brazil, about how they can change their life, just like she did.

“I want people to know what I know, that the devil really does exist, that the root of people’s problems is spiritual,” she said of her message, which she also hopes to spread throughout Africa some day soon. “After I managed to free myself, I saw that people need help.”

Of all the enormous alterations she’s made to herself over the years, it was the work God did to her on the inside that made her truly and authentically beautiful out the outside. That could have never been received in a plastic surgeon’s office. Her story is a true testament that God never gives up on us and is capable of making a miraculous change in all those who seek Him.

“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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