HOT JELLY ROLLS! Watch These Black Women BRAWL Inside Walmart… WOW

You know when people used to duel when they had a disagreement? Even that seems a lot more civil than what these wretched people did. Probably over something absolutely absurd.

Walmart has never been known for it’s classy customers. It is actually because of it’s well known ‘type’ of customers that there are now regular jokes about it. Usually starts with “Meanwhile at Walmart…”

For example…

Or even something like this…

There’s also this…

I’m sure you have seen them around, maybe even got a laugh or two out of some of them. There is a theme that goes along with all of them. Not all people that shop Walmart…fall in line with the stereotyped Walmart customer, that of a crazy person. However, those that are, really live up to the hype. What you are about to watch on this video…would be the perfect example of the latter…

WARNING: The stupid is REALLY strong with this one…

Well if that wasn’t an example of a few sub-human, feral demonic beasts, not much else could be. They are an entirely different species altogether. Disgusting.

One woman loses her top and both her breasts are exposed like it’s part of her everyday look. She didn’t care!

I’d like to know what goes on in their head. They are in the middle of a public place and right from the start they get into hammering at each other like it was actually socially acceptable to act like savages in a grocery store.

It almost feels like people are now a days just walking around looking for opportunities to be offended, then taking every chance to act out like a big DOPE!

It seems the best thing we can do right now to help with this plague of idiots that are single handedly ruining our nation, is raise up our own to know all about integrity, virtue, hard work, and service to others.

Otherwise, we are doomed!

Until then…keep it classy America!

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