House GOP Proposes a Balanced Budget Which Demolishes Obamacare (VIDEO)


It’s past time for Obamacare to be demolished, its time to move on and allow republicans to create a real program that actually works. 

(IJReview) House Republicans announced an ambitious budget plan today which proposes to repeal Obamacare and balance the budget within 10 years.

In addition to repealing Obamacare, the plan would “save and strengthen” Medicare and “allow Congress to start over on healthcare reform to build a system that works,” according to an op-ed by Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) in USA Today.

Rep. Price, the House Budget Committee chair, also emphasized that the budget would eliminate “waste, fraud, and abuse” in government agencies and hold to conservative principles such as tax reform, increased energy production, and “elimination of unnecessary regulations.”

Price asserts that a balanced budget is vital to national security and the economy:

“Our goal is not merely to make Washington live within its means. It is to lift the cloud of uncertainty that is hanging over our economy. We know that job creators and future entrepreneurs see today’s large debt levels as tomorrow’s likely tax hikes, interest rate increases, and inflationary pressures.”

Though there were few specifics in Price’s op-ed, returning control to state and local governments was emphasized:

“We respect the principle of federalism in our budget by realigning the relationship the federal government has with states and local communities. From health care to education, states should be empowered to create their own solutions, free of onerous Washington mandates.”

The proposed budget also closes a loophole which allows people to claim both unemployment, and disability, simultaneously.

president obama has already declared his opposition to the plan, according to Politico:

“Unfortunately, what we’re seeing right now is a failure to invest in education, infrastructure, research and national defense. All the things that we need to grow, need to create jobs, to stay at the forefront of innovation and to keep our country safe.”

Speaker Boehner’s spokesman replied to the criticism by asking, “Where is President Obama’s plan to balance the budget? He doesn’t have one.”

—Courtesy of IJ Review

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