How Does A Deported Illegal Alien Child Molesting Felon Become A Public School Teacher In America?

THIS is who the public school system has taking care of your children.

Jose Luis Martinez-Robledo has been working at The Dalles Middle School since 2005, most recently he was a teachers aid. According to Bob Dais, human resources director for the school district, the district obtained appropriate ID from Martinez-Robledo to verify citizenship status saying, “We ask proof of a Social Security number and we ask proof of an alien or green card if they have one so they can work. And in this case he provided those things and we recorded them.”

So of course it’s understandable that they didn’t catch that Martinez- Robledo was about as ‘illegal alien’ as a person could get. ICE reports that Martinez-Robledo has entered the United States illegally at least twice. In 1997, Martinez-Robledo fraudulently enter the U.S. but he was arrested, processed for expedited removal then removed from the U.S. the same day. So far no one knows just how Martinez-Robledo re-entered the U.S or when his illegal re-entry occurred but this is another story of another illegal criminal in the U.S. harassing American citizens and hiding right under the nose of the system, the public educational system.

Just last month, Martinez-Robledo had supposedly touched at least 2 students inappropriately at school. This was NOT his first rodeo at being accused for inappropriate sexual behavior toward a female. In 2006 a student at the SAME school accused him of touching her inappropriately. At the time, Martinez-Robledo admitted to police that he sometimes would tug kids’ hair or pat them on the shoulder and say “hi.” Dais said that after the 2006 investigation Martinez-Robledo received a written reprimand and was “given strict guidelines on how he was to interact with students.” They also put him on PAID LEAVE during the investigation.

But then AGAIN in 2007 he was again accused of sexual harassment. This time a woman accused him of rape but he said it was consensual and that case was dropped. The district attorney’s office decided the case was unfounded and didn’t pursue any action. Martinez-Robledo continued working for the Middle School after BOTH incidents. NOW we fast forward to 2016… last month illegal alien Martinez-Robledo proves again that he cannot keep his hands to himself.
October 12th Martinez-Robledo was arrested under allegations of sexual misconduct with students. AGAIN the school placed him on PAID administrative leave. The police have decided to investigate this more fully and have since discovered that he is in the country illegally. Dais said Martinez-Robledo’s union representative to discuss “a recommendation for discipline, which could be up to dismissal.”

Martinez-Robledo has served as the middle school’s crossing guard (overseeing the student crossing guards), soccer coach and teachers aid. Though the school district is still paying him, he’s being held on $10,000 bail.

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