GRAB THE POPCORN: Russian’s Just Hacked The DNC’s Entire Database On Trump—Email’s…EVERYTHING!

This is going to be good.

Russian hackers have managed to hack the DNC’s entire database on Donald Trump – and this could give campaign some much needed firepower in countering liberal propaganda against him.

Breitbart reports that:

It seems that the DNC’s systems were so compromised that hackers were even able to read email and chat exchanges between government officials, said DNC representatives. It was previously reported by National Intelligence directors that presidential campaigns were at risk and it seems their suspicions were in fact correct. A spokesman for the Russian embassy has claimed no knowledge of these actions.

Just what the Democrats need – another email scandal.

Russia is the most pro-Trump country of G20 nations, by the way. I can’t see a scenario where this ends up hurting Trump.

But DNC officials are confident that following a major computer cleanup program over the past weekend, systems are now secure. The DNC has stated that no financial, donor or personal information has been accessed or stolen which would suggest that the hack was an act of espionage, not a typical attempt by hackers looking to profit from their infiltration.

This infiltration is another example of Russia’s desire to understand American politics and to gain information on its possible future president. The depths to which Russia infiltrated American governmental systems just shows how skilled and determined that the Russians are when it comes to espionage relating to the American government.

I’m certain the DNC using a private email server had something to do with how easy it was to hack.

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