Hillary Slams Trump On Foreign Policy, Then Gets Verbally Assaulted By Judge Jeanine!

Hillary can attack Trump’s non-existent foreign policy record – but at least he doesn’t have a bloody record like her.

Trump never got four soldiers in Benghazi killed. Trump never intervened in Libya which has destabilized it to this day. What do Trump’s crimes include – saying mean things?

Hillary’s latest criticism of Trump’s foreign policy plans was met with some fierce resistance…

Via YesImRight

Hillary told the crowd how Trump ideas are “dangerously incoherent” and that he is “not only unprepared, but temperamentally unfit” to be our president. She also called Trump out for lying. Well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black.

Judge Jeanine, as always, saw right through the slander and ridiculous nature of Clinton’s mud slinging. Here’s her response and it, is, AWESOME.

Hopefully Trump views this – he could use some more ammunition for when he eventually debates Hillary.

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