Huff Post Trump Hater Victimizes Her Kid, Forgets How Intolerant She Sounds

If you’ve spent more than five minutes on the Huffington Post, then you’re probably aware that they swing far left in the political playground. They’re no stranger to the extreme weak liberal agenda, often persecuting right wingers and even sometimes gathering the middle-fence clingers into the same packet of Hillary’s hated deplorable people – even when they’re actually OK human beings. You know how leftists are – lose an argument, call ya racist. Don’t like something, then protest and riot, can’t stand to lose – call it a tie and give them an appreciation award.

Huff Post is basically a plethora of weaklings gathering at an Internet safe space to cry about their putrid life instead of carrying on with their business and enjoying themselves.

And if you must know, Huffington Post, as HUGE as that site is (probably earns millions each year), doesn’t even pay their writers. So you have these broke-ass liberal bloggers all crying in the same place, acting like getting published there is some sort of accomplishment – it’s not. They publish just about anything, by anyone, who plays the victim card and pushes the liberal agenda.

Reading Huffington Post is like rubbing your eyes in used dusty cat litter for 30 minutes, then blinking them under Hydrochloric acid until the pupils melt out onto your sneakers. It’s just not enjoyable like a good website is supposed to be. Of course, that’s subjective and my opinion. Yours may differ. Totally acceptable and I won’t cuss you out or riot in Oakland or stop traffic about it. I might laugh, maybe write something on a website, but that’s about it. I’m not as intolerable as the extremists on the left.

The HuffPost published an article by a single entrepreneur mother who apologizes to her daughter because Donald Trump won. What? Really? We don’t know how old the daughter is, but the writer talks to her like she’s a baby, which also makes no sense because babies can’t vote, so this kid doesn’t even care right now.

She blabbers on, acting like her and the child are victims, and trying to pull the heart strings on the liberal body so the tears flow and hopefully drown themselves and everyone has a good cry and thinks it’s a good read. It wasn’t. The article sucked. I felt like I was reading an apology letter written from the child, to the mother, about spilling all the Ragu on the new white rugs.

It was a letter from an intolerant leftists, teaching her child to that we’re supposed to love, but at the same time – not loving.

Typical leftist nonsense. They say one thing and do another.

Liberals and leftists tell people to be tolerant…as they’re burning down Oakland!

Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, fair and square, without cheating nor having any experience in politics. Scary right? Yes, it’s scary because that’s how much people disliked Hillary. People hated Hillary so much that they voted in a guy with terrible hair, little hands, and enough spray tan to cover the booty at a Reef Girls contest. C’mon, we all know Trump isn’t naturally 50 shades of orange! Look at his eyes!

Here’s an excerpt from the original article that demolishes the HuffPost crybaby parent who victimizes her child while intolerantly teaching her child to be tolerant. (wtf?)


Trending Views – I am sorry, my sweet daughter, that you have to live in a country riddled with hate. You are strong because I am strong. I will not show you that my heart is broken. I will show you that we will overcome. I will continue to teach you that love wins.

Love wins? I agree. That’s why I’m not outside burning down a cop car in Oakland or protesting and breaking things that other people love.

If Trump lost, then you wouldn’t see this typical leftist behavior. If Trump won, the working middle class would go to work like they do every day. They don’t have time to protest when they have mouths to feed.

Maybe the leftists should get real jobs, stop begging for $15 an hour, take a real major in college so they can stop begging for it to be free (screw Bernie Sanders), and grow up to be real adults one day.

You can do it.

Read more of my news commentary on Freedom Daily and Trending Views. There’s only two genders.

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