Huge OUTRAGE Over Shirt Trump Wore Over Easter Weekend – Can You See Why? Look Closely.

In today’s world, it does not take much to offend someone anymore. You can literally throw someone into a full meltdown if you refer to them by their gender pronoun. So, it should not come as any surprise that the left lost their minds when Donald Trump Jr. sported this shirt on social media.

For months, the left has called news that does not support the liberal narrative as biased. We saw this happen shortly after Hillary Clinton was handed her ass after losing the election. Instead of liberals acknowledging that the majority of Americans cannot stand their policies they shifted the blame.

These mindless drones readily attacked conservative news sites as fake news. While “reputable” new sources such as CNN, were ousted as the real peddlers of fake news. Since conservatives have more of a sense of humor than the left we began to use the phrase.

Boy, did that tick off the left, right?

So, Donald Trump Jr. went one step further and posted himself wearing this shirt that says “Very Fake News”. The caption then reads ” I’m going to buy 5-10,000 of these to pass around to our buddies in the #MSM. In the meantime, I’ll model it for them.”

Of course, this sent the left into an absolute meltdown, including the one and only, Rosie O’Donnell.

Her band of minions soon joined in to mock the Trump Jr. but they really seem to miss the mark. The only good thing they did well with here was making themselves look like idiots.

Seems like this guy is a little jealous of Trump Jr. and his position.

I wonder if Burt even knows what complicit means?


I guess they forgot about Hillary Clinton and John Podesta’s close ties to Russia.

There were also other comments from Instagram.

‘North Korea’s threatening nuclear war, 43 million Americans live in poverty, and your dad’s under FBI investigation. Cool shirt though,’ Seth Grahame-Smith wrote.

‘HAHAHA LOL !!! LMAO,’ Chrissy Teigen said, sarcastically.

‘You’re no model,’ Roland Scahill added.

The Trump team has often leveled the accusation of ‘fake news’ at outlets that published stories critical of the president.

The only thing I can honestly give them credit for is their photoshop skills, but that is even a stretch. These people are so full of anger that they cannot see how they are the punchline to the joke.

The reason that fake news is even a thing is because they still cannot grasp that Hillary Clinton lost. They were told for so long that Hillary could not lose and that Trump was a joke they believed it. So, the only thing they hold on to is that Trump won because of Russian collusion which is the actual FAKE NEWS.

It is obvious that the joke was lost on them, but the rest of us definitely found the humor in it. Considering all that is going on in today’s world it is good to see that the Trump family has not lost their sense of humor.

What do you think about Donald Trump Jr.’s shirt? Let us know in the comments below!

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