Huge US corporation Announces It’s Replacing American Workers With Muslim Refugees, Thanks To Obama

Chobani, an American company and Greek yogurt corporation, has announced they are seeking foreign middle eastern migrants as opposed to American workers due to a President Obama policy.

The company is owned by a Turkish Muslim immigrant so this move is not at all surprising. They have already given almost thirty percent of their six hundred jobs in Twin Falls, Idaho to other middle eastern refugees who have resettled in the area.

Because they do want to burden Americans with job creation for our own citizens.

Ann Corcoran runs the blog Refugee Resettlement Watch and she spoke on the issue in which she discussed the issue of jobs going to refugees rather than Americans and its impact on our great country.

Corcoran said,

“These are jobs that Americans would be happy to fill but they are forced to compete now with someone from Sudan or Iraq who is used to working for a dollar a week.”

Bloomberg News has also exposed Goldman Sachs. Sachs apparently massively supports a program for refugee resettlement. Sachs is joined by United Parcel Service, HP Inc., MasterCard, IBM, and Google. They have all pledged to provide some form of jobs, cash or free services at no cost to resettling refugees.

The Obama administration via the State Department has distributed 85,000 refugees in more than 190 separate United States cities in 2016 alone. The number is expected to rise to 100,000 in 2017.

Apparently the major billionaires of America think it’s best to provide opportunity to non Americans. Forget about the poverty stricken children of our country and the homeless vets in the street, the refugees come first! Liberal billionaires do this and then they wonder why people are outraged and support someone like Donald Trump who would never allow that to happen.

Until tragedy strikes your own door do most people take this Islamic threat seriously.


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