“Hurts My Heart”: Black Pastor Describes What Race Rioters Did to His Project to Help the Poor


From Conservative Tribune:  Last night, the city of Baltimore erupted in flames and smoke as riotous criminals and thugs wreaked havoc throughout certain parts of the city.

They attacked police officers, blocked off streets and intersections, smashed windows and looted stores, then began setting fires.

One of the fires allegedly set by the rioters was a large building under construction, but quite near completion.

That building belonged to the Southern Baptist Church of Baltimore, and was intended to be an affordable housing project for poor seniors needing a place to live, known as the Mary Harvin Transformation Center.

Donte L. Hickman Sr., the minister of the church, was near tears while being interviewed by reporters on the scene of the inferno, saying the wanton destruction “hurts my heart.”

According to IJ Review, Hickman was actually less concerned about losing the newly built apartments, but rather more concerned about his friends and congregants who lived in the area, believing them to be in danger.

Sadly, many people were in danger last night in Baltimore, as lawlessness and destruction reigned, partly due to the overly restrained reactions by the police, who “gave space” to those wishing to cause destruction, according to Baltimore’s mayor.

Hopefully, now that the National Guard has been activated and is deploying, along with numerous officers from other agencies around the state and region, peace and order will soon be restored to the streets of Baltimore.

Something needs to be done, and quickly, to prevent more of the city from going up in flames, making an already rough life far worse for some of the most needy and unfortunate people in the city.

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