HYPOCRITE: Hillary on Tape Joking About Wanting to See Man’s Penis [WATCH]


You can bet that the leaked 2005 Trump audio is going to be brought up from Hillary Clinton every day. It’s amusing to see so many people who’ve likely said things ten times worse than Donald Trump in private condemn his remarks – especially when they’re doing so to support a candidate whose actions are much worse than Trump’s words.

In the case of Bill Clinton – I’m sure his words AND actions are worse than anything Trump has ever done.

Speaking of audio, how about the audio of Hillary Clinton talking about her defense as a young lawyer of a man who was accused of raping a 12-year old girl? In that audio, she talks about how she defended the man even though she believed he was guilty (which, to her credit, was her job as a lawyer). She talks about how the man passed a polygraph (lie detector) test – and laughed about how that forever shattered her faith in polygraph tests.

That woman was seated at Sunday’s Presidential debate, and Trump told her story.

Think we’ll hear about that audio from the media? Hillary didn’t even address it – and the media certainly would like it to go away.

That’s certainly the most sinister audio of Hillary you’ll find – but there’s some embarrassing audio as well.

As Conservative Tribune reported:

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is a massive hypocrite. Now, this in and of itself isn’t news. However, two videos have surfaced in which Clinton objectifies men that add to the hypocrisy by Clinton herself and the left-wing media’s faux moral outrage about GOP nominee Donald Trump’s locker room banter.

Two videos featuring Clinton were posted by Subject: Politics that show the candidate objectify men — that is, if we are to apply the same standard that Trump and other conservative men have been held to.

In the first video, Clinton spoke with Lena Dunham for her newsletter, “The Lenny Letter.” Dunham told Clinton how honored she was to meet her and that her Lenny readers were as well. Clinton responded that she thought “Lenny” referred to R&B musician Lenny Kravitz.

Watch below as robot Hillary attempts humor:

To her credit, I suppose she at least didn’t say she was going to grab it.

If the media paid as much attention to Hillary’s scandals are Trump’s, don’t you think we’d all be in the position of wondering why Trump isn’t 50-points ahead in the polls? When it comes to skeletons in their closets, Hillary certainly has more to hide.