Hypocrite Obama Bashes Trump: The Presidency Is A “Serious Job; This Is Not Reality TV” (VIDEO)

Really? Obama is going to bash Trump…yet we have seen Obama do nothing but reality TV.  That’s what he thinks the White House is. This man never ceases to amaze me on what a fucking hypocrite he truly is.

Like Pamela Geller says…he has made this country a laughingstock. Disgusting how we ever allowed this enemy into office. Shameful.

From Pamela Geller

Obama Tells Fallon: Presidency Is A ‘Serious Job … Not Reality TV’: “The main role I’m going to be playing in this process is to remind the American people that this is a serious job.”

No one man has done more to dismantle and destroy this country than President Obama. He has made this country a laughingstock.

The man’s presidency has been one big social media popularity contest. He won’t do FOX. He won’t sit down to a challenging interview. He refuses to be questioned on his treason

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 12.29.42 PM

He is selling tee-shirts on his website. Seriously. Check out his twitter account. Read More


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