‘I THINK WE GOT RAT SH*T FOR LUNCH’: Pics Compare Michelle O’s Lunches With Sheriff Joe’s


How do Michelle Obama’s “healthy” school lunches measure up against what Sheriff Joe Arpaio feeds prisoners? I think I’d rather be a prisoner.

In the eyes of our liberal media overlords, first lady Michelle Obama and Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio couldn’t be more different.

Whereas Sheriff Arpaio is seen as a draconian enforcer who is responsible for horrors like making his prisoners wear pink underwear and live in tents, Michelle is seen as the beneficent queen of nutritious school lunches.

However, what if one were to compare the lunches served to Sheriff Joe’s prisoners to the lunches served in school cafeterias across America thanks to Michelle? We did, and it doesn’t exactly work out well for the first lady.


Just so we’re clear, this isn’t the lunch being served inside Sheriff Joe’s jail.

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That’s an honest-to-goodness Michelle Obama lunch, served to a particularly unhappy student, who took to Twitter about it.


This, meanwhile, is what Maricopa County prisoners get for lunch. This actually looks a lot better than what I got the last time I flew United Airlines, or what the student got.

And neither one of us has been jailed for crimes! (At least I haven’t been — I must confess to being unaware [email protected]_neeshaa’s criminal history.)

And in case you haven’t been paying attention, this isn’t exactly an outlier. Take a look at some other meals that have made it onto Twitter via #ThanksMichelleObama:

lunch 3

I’m fairly certain those are Asian dung beetles.


Doesn’t that look healthy and/or nutritious?


I don’t even want to speculate on what this might be.



Keep in mind, liberals have been after Sheriff Joe for not feeding his prisoners well enough. And they’ve committed crimes. In a perfect universe, they’d be after Michelle Obama for feeding worse slop to growing teenagers who have committed no crime.

Yet, needless to say, Michelle remains a heroine of the left for her brave work depriving students of junk food and replacing it with government-approved junk food.

I suppose we should be thankful the only thing she’s been allowed to screw up has been school lunches. Nonetheless, America owes a big apology to our schoolchildren for subjecting them to slop not even a prisoner would eat.

—Courtesy of Clash Daily

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