ICE Shows Illegals EXACTLY How Much They Mean Business Under Trump When They Did This To A FRAUD!

With the crackdown on immigration under the Trump administration rumors have been swirling that families are being broken up because of ICE raids where illegal immigrants have been arrested. One woman, Francisca Lino, was paraded all over the mainstream liberal media as an example of a family woman being unjustly deported.

Liberals have used people like her to try and perpetuate a victim narrative when it comes to immigration policy under Donald Trump. However, Lino was living in the United States with false and illegally obtained documents for the last eighteen years. She never denied they were illegally obtained and that she came here on false pretenses.

Lino had been under investigation by ICE officials for many years now. Over the past eighteen years, the ICE authorities gave her six different opportunities to try and settle her case. If she did not take care of her case and follow the proper instructions she was to be deported.

Unlike the story the media has used she was not ripped out of her home in the middle of the night. Instead she was given several months to get her affairs in order before being allowed to report herself back to the agency where they would have tickets in hand.

Despite being depicted as people who break up families the ICE officials have done everything in their power to try and keep people together. But they cannot force people to follow instructions and obey the law when they have become so accustomed to breaking it.

If you come to a country illegally you are well aware of the fact that your crimes will come back to bite you eventually. This case is no different. Nobody is hurting this woman’s family other than herself. If she had obeyed the law she would not be in the situation she is in right now. She has nobody to blame but herself. Certainly not the Trump administration.

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